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SASA Capital has been launched with a unique vision to provide outstanding liquidity conditions and tools in the global forex markets. Our sustainable approach on localizing our products and services to each market enables us to provide the lowest cost possible along with a high quality of service for all FOREX traders around the world.

We offer liquidity in foreign currencies, bullion, options and CFD products such as metals, energies, indices, commodities and currencies.

Forex trading is available on the fully integrated trading platform Sasa | Pro and on the award winning MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Hedge your FOREX risk or trade the FX markets in whatever size you need and in which ever currency you choose.

Sasa | Pro
  • 100+ Currency Pairs
  • Bullions
  • Streaming Options
  • RFQ Options for non-standard dates
  • Full Market Depth / Immense Liquidity
  • Advanced Charting
  • API Trading
  • VPS
MetaTrader 4
  • 100+ Currency Pairs
  • Bullions
  • Free Charting
  • VPS
  • No commission accounts available. Commission per trade only charted on ECN and VIP accounts. See account types for more information.


A derivative can be defined as a financial instrument whose value depends on (or derives from) the value of other basic underlying variables. Derivatives enable investors to capture potential investment opportunities regardless of the current state of the market. Derivatives may be used for hedging, speculation or arbitrage, but always as a mean to transfer risk exposure. The purpose of derivatives are to;

  • Reduce the market risk on a specific exposure by hedging strategies
  • Lock a profit without taking risk by arbitrage
  • Acquire leverage by investing using borrowed assets


CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial products that are valued in the difference between the spot price and the contract price. The instrument enables investors to achieve gains by buying price expectations and not by physically buying the product itself. CFDs are offered on a broad range of underlying assets including currencies, commodities, energies, indices and metals. The main point in trading this kind of product is the future price of the product.

It is a type of futures contract and the buyer of CFD obliges to pay the difference between the value of the asset at the time of conducting the contract and the value at a future date. If this difference turns out to be negative, then it is the seller who pays the difference in value. When the value date of the traded CFD arrives, trader’s open positions are automatically closed. It then experiences a rollover and a new CFD contract is opened.

SASA Capital offers CFDs in metals, energies, commodities, indices and currencies.

CFD'S Contracts for Difference


Options are derivative financial instruments offering the buyer the right to exchange money from one currency to another at a predefined exchange rate on a certain time period.

  • Available on our most in-demand currency pairs
  • Trade the underlying future and benefit from the capital efficiency of futures
  • 15 Currency pairs, Gold and Silver and are offered
  • Streaming executable prices on standardized European vanilla options
  • Market and Limit orders types are supported
  • RFQ system for all remaining strikes and dates
  • Margin is netted among offsetting positions to enhance your leverage

Advantages of Trading Options!

  • Provides the trader flexibility as options open up a variety of strategies in continuously changing market conditions
  • Leverage is a big plus
  • Losses are limited to the option premium paid so the maximum loss can be the price paid to purchase the contract
  • Increase your investment returns by hedging against FX market fluctuations