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Company Profile

SASA Capital Limited was incorporated by professionals working in the brokerage, banking and fin-tech industry, who decided to combine their experience of more than 30 years in the financial investment industry to bring retail customers the excellence of service and liquidity that is normally reserved for professionals. We empower every trader to take control of their trading strategies and market expectations.

We believe that every market participant deserves equal opportunity when it comes to trading markets and this what we have achieved at SASA Capital with some of the most innovative minds in information technology and financial modelling. This collaboration has enabled us to break down barriers in global capital markets through our financial technology know-how.

We deliver premium service, reliable execution, competitive prices with low cost access to foreign exchange markets, metals, commodities and indices. We work together to lead the future of capital markets by delivering customer oriented first class service.

Our team has promised to offer equality, transparency and efficiency. We are experienced traders and understand the need of every trader to focus on the market. That is why we deliver our customers a seamless trading experience. This has been the mission since we started the business and we are proud to deliver an unmatched service to our customers in every aspect. We show clarity in every trade and invite you to experience the difference.